BOAT and BUILDING Cut nails

Mustad shape ship nail   Mustad shape building nail

Nails shaped to resemble Mustad square wire nails

In the autumn of 2008, we were approached to see if we could make nails similar in shape to the special square wire nails that had previously been made by Mustadfors Bruk AB in Sweden.

The nails in question were the Boat or Ship nail called the Eckspik or Timmerspik or Oakwood nail and the Building nail called the Furuspik or Pinewood nail.

While the manufacturing method for square wire nails is quite different from cut nails where nails are sheared from steel sheet or plate, we were able to produce the square tapered shank and round head which were features of the Mustad nails.

Below you can see the two types of nail side by side -

Firstly, the Boat or Ship nail - Eckspik or Oakwood nail

boatnailvMustad2.JPG (105098 bytes)



And secondly, the Building nail - Furuspik or Pinewood nail

buildingvMustad1.JPG (105448 bytes)


These nails have now been accepted by previous Mustad customers as suitable replacements for the square wire nail.

We always encourage new customers to take some samples to see for themselves and to try our nails and satisfy themselves that the nails will do the job envisaged before placing an order.

If these nails are of interest to you, please ask for samples for testing.



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