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Cut nails for RAIL TRACK

The CLYDE rail spike or dog spike is a robust rail fixing that has enjoyed success worldwide for many decades.


CLYDE rail spike

    Applications in many countries range from use in coal and gold mines to sugar plantations, peat works, garden festivals and leisure parks.    It is NOT SUITABLE for main line track.

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Rail weight
No. per 25 kilo
RAILSPIK.gif (14518 bytes) 50 8 5 640


8 or 10 9 or 10 490 or 380
75 10 11 310
90 10 or 12 13 or 15 270 or 180
100 12 17 160
115 12 20 150
125 15 30 90
150 15 40 70

The length is measured from under the head.

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Why use CLYDE rail spikes?

Given the advantages of CUT NAILS with their secure grip, CLYDE rail spikes provide a strong, simple and inexpensive solution to securing light gauge rail track.

The method of manufacture ensures that the head and shank remain one solid piece of metal with no joins or welds. Indeed, the shank can be deliberately bent through 180 without fracturing.

Another benefit of our CLYDE RAIL SPIKES (for leisure parks) is  that the spikes have been made using traditional methods and traditional machines that have not altered much in 200 years - so the spikes retain the authentic look, feel and use of spikes from a bygone age that compliment the wooden track and rolling stock being used which also date from that time.

View illustration on how to use CLYDE rail spikes.


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