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Cut nails for CONSTRUCTION

Apart from use in timber-to-timber fixings, manufacturers of autoclaved aerated concrete block (480 - 760 kg/m3) around the world now recommend the use of cut nails for fixing wooden window frames, light door frames, skirting boards and other trimmings into their block. View illustration (See also Restoration nails)


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    This design of cut nail came in the first instance from Sweden, the original home of autoclaved aerated concrete block. The nail is now sold to Scandinavia, Western Europe, USA, Middle East and Australasia.

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Size (mm)  

No. per kilo (approx)
(Galvanised Steel)

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100 87
125 55
150 43
175 24
200 23

    This is the shape of nail preferred in Scandinavia, Europe, Middle East, Far East and Australasia.

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Why are CUT NAILS recommended?        
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Because the square shank offers more surface area to grip than round wire nails. Also, cut nails with their tapered shank allows a grip down the full length of the shank.

Independent tests show 200% better holding power than an equivalent round wire nail. Indeed, this figure rises to 400% when the nails are used in unforgiving material such as aerated concrete block as revealed in a study carried out by the British Board of Agrement in 1991. View report.



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