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Cut nails HOW TO BUY

Step 1 - Choose a nail Using our Pictures and Drawings from our Full List, choose the nail(s) you are interested in. Alternatively click on an industry link on the left of the page to find a suitable nail. If you have a nail that you want but cannot find, send us a sample or drawing. We may be able to make it.
Step 2 - Choose the quantity Using our Information section from the Full List, you can see the number of nails per kilo to help you work out quantity. If important, here is information on lead time. You can also check our current stock position here.
Step 3 - Get a Quotation Complete our 'No obligation' Enquiry Form below to receive a Quotation.
Step 4 - How you can pay There are a number of ways you can pay for your nails -
  • Credit/Debit card
  • Business/personal cheque (please allow time for cheques to clear your bank account)
  • Bank cheque
  • Bank transfer (please ask for our bank details)
  • Open account (subject to credit insurance approval of your business)








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This is purely a request for a 'No obligation' Quotation. It will not be treated as an order.

Please complete the form and we shall respond as quickly as we can.
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(N.B.obtaining transportation cost details may cause a small delay).  

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If (after completing this form) you would like to keep a record of your request, please PRINT this page now before clicking on 'Send request'.


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