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        This cut nail business started around 1870 and was the UK's last manufacturer of traditional square cut nails before transfering to the USA in 2013 to become a division of Acorn Manufacturing Co Inc and Tremont Nail          
It makes cut nails in mild steel and bronze
(Still using machines and a process that have barely changed in 200 years)

About the company

Based in Mansfield, Massachusetts, our business roots go back to 1870 in Scotland, UK.

Until 2013, we were the last manufacturer in the UK still making square cut nail, or antique nail, products in the traditional way using machines that have not changed markedly in 200 years ensuring our products retain the authentic look, feel and use of the original cut nails.

We work with stockists and also individuals/organisations with specific projects worldwide. Our one qualification is that they are excited by and appreciative of the nail products we can offer using this traditional process.

Many of our nails still resemble the shape of nail made by the Romans 2000 years ago. You can see a Roman nail found in Scotland if you click here.

You can learn something more about the history of nail making if you click here.

After reviewing the site, you may wish to download our various brochures (pdf files) and you can do that by clicking on these links.  Full (292K), Boat Nails (86K), Blocnail (71K) and Restoration Nails (72K).

These brochures are in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader software to be loaded on your computer to be able to read them.   If you have not got this software you can get it FREE here....





How to contact us

We do appreciate your visit and would be happy to answer any questions you might have -

          Glasgow Steel Nail Co
          457 School Street
          Massachusetts 02048

          A division of Acorn Manufacturing Co Inc



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