Rouse Hill estate

Rouse Hill estate is one of Australia's most culturally important historic properties. At the heart of the property lies a Georgian house built between 1813 and 1818 by convict labourers.

It was home to Richard Rouse, the son of an Oxfordshire cabinet maker and shop-keeper, who came to the colony, free, in 1801.The estate comprises a main house, farm buildings, colonial garden, and rich collections that provide evidence of the area's rural past in addition to the lifestyles of six generations of the one family.

The property is fragile and in conserving Rouse Hill the The Historic Houses Trust of NSW tries to find ways to stop, or to slow down, any deterioration, preferably in ways that are reversible and that cause minimum change to the existing fabric.

Glasgow Steel Nail Co supplied traditionally shaped rosehead cut nails for use in the conservation of the early timber outbuildings including the potting shed.

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 Rouse Hill - the Georgian House

 Rouse Hill - the farm buildings Rouse Hill - part of the colonial garden

Rouse Hill Estate
Reproduced courtesy Historic Houses Trust
Paulo Busato, 2007