The Pegasus

The Bristol Classic Boat Company builds truly distinctive, wooden sailing vessels based on the best features of the working boats of the sailing era, adapted to include modern ideas of comfort and safety.

Currently under construction is a 56’ cutter, Pegasus, designed by Ed Burnett based on many of the features of the famously seaworthy Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters.

The Bristol Classic Boat Company is building her for The Island Trust, a charity which works through schools and youth groups to offer sailing to disadvantaged young people who would never normally have the opportunity to go sailing. The launch is due to take place in 2008. 

Glasgow Steel Nail Co supplied traditional boat nails made from phosphor bronze for the project.

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The Pegasus Bristol Channel pilot cutter designed by Ed Burnett

A Bristol Classic Boat Traditional cut boat nails made from bronze 

Pictures by kind permission of The Bristol Classic Boat Company