The Friendship Rose

Half a century ago the trade routes of the West Indies were still being plied  by wooden sailing schooners built on the island of Bequia. Today only one remains.

The Friendship Rose was originally built entirely by hand on the beach at Friendship Bay, Bequia to carry cargo between the islands. She continued to work as the mail boat, carrying goods and passengers, under sail until the early 1990's. This entirely traditional, gaff rigged, two masted, wooden sailing schooner is now being restored in Bequia using the same local timbers and traditional methods.

The Friendship Rose now enjoys a more relaxed life, making day sails for visitors to the nearby Tobago Cays and the island of Mustique.

Where planks are being replaced on the Friendship Rose the original spikes are found in great condition, tight in the timbers. The replacement traditional boat nails are being supplied by Glasgow Steel Nail Co.

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The Friendship Rose

On the deck of the Friendship Rose          Below deck on the Friendship Rose
Pictures by kind permission of The Friendship Rose