'King Arthur'

Filming of the Walt Disney historical epic 'King Arthur' started in Ireland in summer 2003 and was released in July 2004.

The Touchstone Pictures film, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (of 'Top Gun' and 'Pearl Harbour' fame), focuses on the history and politics of the period of Arthur's rule promising a more realistic portrayal of the legend.

Clive Owen plays Arthur and Keira Knightly has been cast as Guinevere. Ray Winstone (picture The Z Review) is Bors, one of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table.

Glasgow Steel Nail Co was commissioned to produce nail heads only to help create the realistic effects for the Roman fortress set. This involved manufacturing the nails then cutting off the shank to leave the heads. Click on the pictures to see a close up of the nail heads in place.

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Ray Winstone in battle as Bors - Click to enlarge         A door in the Roman fortress - Click to see nails

Part of the Roman fortress - Click to see nails

Pictures of the sets by kind permission of Evergreen Productions Ltd